MOMA Foods


We have been working with MOMA since 2010 and so much has changed in that time, including 2 rebrands, 4 brand managers and over 12,000 individual art boards. We work alongside the MOMA team to produce everything and anything they might need. Our primary role is packing design, repro and cross product roll out but we also undertake POS, advertising, branding, clothing, events, social media and promo design.

The MOMA visual identity is made of a number of different elements. These elements need to be used consistently, but also flexibly, across all the applications of the identity. We ensure the brand is never diluted or inappropriately implemented and we work closely with the MOMA brand manager to ensure that everything that goes into production, whether it is a Porridge pot, SRP, POS or a exibition fridge is on-brand everytime.

MOMA are always looking to take their brand to the next level and every evolution of the brand identity must be implimented across their entire packaging range and advertising streams. So what was involved? In short, art boards, lots of them! At present the MOMA product range is made up of 122 separate cutter guides, artworks and 45 POS templates. Each one containing colour, ingredient, brand, nutritional, print and legal information that must be correct to the last minute detail and not because the client, multiple printers, manufacturers or trading standards demand it, but because we will not settle for less than perfection and total consistency across the entire brand.


"Stonefern have been an essential part of our team for 9 years now. No matter what, they deliver..."