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Designing a brand for a rural doctor that instills trust and reliability requires a thoughtful blend of visual elements and color choices. Opting for a text-based icon logo, we were able to convey professionalism and a commitment to healthcare excellence. The choice of blue and grey colors is particularly apt in this context. Blue symbolizes calmness, trust, and dependability, making it an ideal choice for a healthcare brand. It instills a sense of serenity and reliability, which are crucial qualities for patients seeking medical care, especially in rural areas where access to healthcare can be limited. Grey, on the other hand, complements blue by adding a touch of sophistication and neutrality to the logo. This combination of colors in the logo creates an atmosphere of trustworthiness, emphasizing the doctor's dedication to providing high-quality, dependable healthcare services in a rural setting.

The text-based icon logo features a clean and clear typeface, conveying professionalism and readability. The addition of a simple yet meaningful icon can enhance the logo's impact. This combination of color, typography, and iconography will not only establish trust and reliability but also make the rural doctor's brand memorable and easily recognizable, reassuring patients in the community that they are in capable hands for their healthcare needs.

Piers, who owns and runs Lisle Medical was kind enough to say this about the project. “A highly responsive service, professional, considered, and generous with time to ensure I get the outcome I need. Really very impressed, I contacted Stonefern on a personal recommendation and will be further recommending them in future.”


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