Websites are incredibly useful and incredibly important today. They are essential for any business, and the advantages and opportunities they supply can easily outweigh the time and money spent on making one that is compelling and useful. At Stonefern, we ensure, at every stage, that we have interpreted a clients brief correctly to deliver a bespoke web solution for their needs. Centring around simple and intuitive navigation systems, Stonefern can build structured, reliable, easy-to-use sites for your business, large or small. We can provide tailored web solutions that can accommodate any level of budget.

Responsive Website Design


Websites are incredibly useful and important in todays Society. They are sources of extremely low-cost advertising, information and engagement. The internet usually has a wider reach than any other form of advertising. It may take time to build up traffic to your website, but it will make a worthwhile contribution to your marketing campaign, without costing an arm and a leg. Your website will serve as your central hub for your company. Through it, you can advertise your brand and your products very cheaply and effectively.

Visibility online is also essential nowadays. Even if people have already heard of you, they are more than likely to want to carry out online research first. It is important, therefore, to provide a fully branded, informative and easily usable website which includes product information, services and company background, contact details and if you have stores or offices, a map, so that potential customers don’t have any trouble finding you in the real world.

A website, unlike a store or office, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This gives your customers, both potential and established, access to support and information at all times. Your website should act as an out-of-hours resource for all the information they could need.

Desktop Website Design

If you are a shop or product-selling business, having a website means that products can be sold at all times of the day to a much larger audience. Much like the information they should be able to access whenever they want on your site, they should also be able to buy and research products whenever and wherever it is convenient for them. An online store can dramatically boost sales buy allow this extended access.

E Commerce Website Design

To achieve these things, your website needs to be consistent with your brand, attractive, compelling, easy-to-use and interactive. It needs to conform to modern technical standards, load quickly and be accessible on all devices. We have many years’ experience providing these aspects, and can design and build a creative and compelling solution to all your website needs.

Mobile Friendly Website Design