Stonefern can help you promote your business, product or event in a number of dynamic and exciting ways. We have experience of working on large multi-national corporate events and conferences as well as small scale local promotions. Though we specialise in the production of promotional event graphics and signage, we can also design and supply everything from exhibition stands to brochures, way-finding signage, posters, flyers, merchandise, giveaways, clothing and much much more. All that is needed for effective promotions, we can provide creative and compelling solutions, with the right promotional mix for your product, placement or sponsorship.

Promotional Design


Promotions can help to increase sales, enhance brand awareness, create brand equity, encourage new product acceptance, add value to your product, promote client interaction or create a business brand. Digital interactive presentations are perfect for marketing your business and brand. These types of promotions can help you gain the maximum impact with your clients. We can design a presentation that communicates the strength of your company brand and services, and can help you produce interactive media , sales presentations, product demos, training applications, product launch, company brochures or viral campaigns.

Digital Promotions


Good brochures can be powerful advertising tools that help persuade prospective customers to do business with you. They can install instant credibility and can reinforce your brand more effectively than a flyer or letterhead. A well laid out brochure that has been approached as an information tool can be an invaluable and cost effective way of collating all your products and services in one document. It should provide all relevant information, directing them towards your website, or online store for further details. We can design everything to suit your unique business needs and requirements, from basic information dockets to high spec corporate brochures with additional interactive content.

Promotional Print Design


Promotional leaflets are an extremely cost effective and reliable method of getting your brand and message into the market place. Normally, one lead from a 1000 units can pay for the entire print run. But in a saturated marketplace, it is important that your leaflet is eye-catching. We work on the ‘fridge principle’ If your customer wouldn’t put the leaflet on their fridge for later reference, it isn’t eye catching enough. It needs to be striking, yet informative, printed on high quality, yet affordable materials, in order to do the job properly. In the last 12 months we have supplied over 100,000 leaflets and are well placed to help you with any size of order.

Promotional Leaflet Design