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We already had a working relationship with EZ Consulting and had provided them with graphics and presentations for various projects over the years, with the highlight being a set of e-books for Universal Studios. In this instance we actually approached them with the idea of 'Tap Trap' after an idea was born out of playing a simple childs toy one weekend with friends.


All the best apps are simple and easy to use and the branding had to adhere to those simple rules. The game play lent itself to a clear and simple UI and this was translated into a memorable and simple logo design based on in game elements. Nothing more complicated than that!

The game

'Tap Trap' is a fun multiplayer tapping game where you and your friends take turns to play and avoid a forfeit!. Beautifully simple and fun to play with any gathering of your friends - 'Tap Trap's iconic animation and sounds take the game of chances to the next level. Who will tap the forfeit square and can you beat the game and cause a forfeit for everyone else but you?! 'Tap Trap' works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and is best played like a traditional board game with the device flat on a table and everyone taking it in turns to press a square. The forfeits (dares) are chosen by the group before play starts and can be as wild as your imagination allows or as simple as taking a sip of a drink! 'Tap Trap' is great fun to play at parties and can be a really amusing icebreaker at social gatherings.