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  • Client: Harriet Perrin

  • "Couldn’t be happier, Stonefern is a great company to work with. They interpreted our needs and reacted immediately to improve our Brand awareness”


We were introduced to Potter Perrin though a recommendation from another client. Potter Perrin are looking to agressive expand their retail and online presence but were lacking the tools to move their brand expansion forwards in a cohesive manner. We were instructed to strip their brand back to basics and draw up a set of design standards that could be distributed to their third party suppliers for consistent implimentation. This included everything from signage and livery to social media and advertising.

Brand Guidelines

Stonefern can build comprehensive brand design standards for you. Design standards are an essential element of any business brand. They help to maintain brand guardianship when the brand is to be implemented across a wide range of mediums. There is no point in paying a designer to produce a strong cohesive rebrand or refresh for your business if the model is not going to be followed. It is essential that key design elements and the message of a brand are not diluted or altered by third parties who may be supplying your business. This is where a strong set of design guidelines is essential. It also gives your business the opportunity to introduce its personality, voice and appearance to its employees and in turn, train them to all portray the same company ethos to your customer base. Manuals can cover everything from typography and signage specifications to dress code and company messages. With this information Stonefern can help source for you all your print, social media, web, livery and advertising requirements.