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We were introduced to Katie by another client who kindly recommended us. Katie had an established business but it was suffering from not have the tools she needed to advertise and promote her business effectively. After talking through her options she agreed that a rebrand was the best place to start.


Katie had a clear vision of what she wanted which meant we were able to reduce the process to match her budget without compromising on the kit of parts she needed to push her business forwards. We focussed on a simple yet modern icon logo with a bang up to date modern font.


Again there were budget considerations placed on the website build. Katie had read our article on 'How to build a website in a day' and really liked the template we had used. She asked for a complete reskin of that template utilising a selection of professionally shot imagery. The result is a fully responsive, clean and crisp parallax website that contains a large amount of complex information in an easily digestible format.