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Our director is a keen tennis player and joined Midhurst Tennis Club when Stonefern moved to Midhurst. After playing socially and getting involved in match play he was keen to get involved in helping the club grow. In 2017 the club was granted permission to erect floodlighting to allow for all year round tennis as well as a complete refurbisment of the existing courts. The club needs to raise £100,000 through grants and loans to complete this work and as such wanted to present a more professional appearance to potential donors and bodies such as the LTA to reinforce the passion and drive the committee has to developing and promoting tennis in Midhurst.

The Branding

The club had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve which meant after 2 rounds of concept design work we focussed on a simple yet modern icon logo with a bang up to date modern font. After the production of a new set of Design Standards and a full kit of marketing assets the club has all the tools required to go out and secure the funding it needs to improve the tennis facilities for the residents of Midhurst for generations to come.

Charity Projects

Each year Stonefern helps a selection of charities with either reduced fees or completely gratis design work. This year, as part of that ongoing commitment we offered to rebrand and modernise the club's appearance in the community and online totally free of charge or obligation. If you have a cause you are passionate about, please get in touch and we will explore how we can help you raise awareness for your charity or event.


A completely new responsive and custom website is in the pipeline complete with new court booking system - watch this space!