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  • Client: Steve Burrell

  • "I cannot speak highly enough of the work carried out recently by Mark and the team. All at Stonefern seemed to instinctively know what we hoped to achieve and made it better by far!”


We were introduced to Steve through a relationship with 'The Crafty Pint'. Steve approached us after working in the fragrance industry for many years and finally wanted to set up his own consultancy. He felt our work really resonated with what he was looking to achieve.


Steve was looking to specialise in the high end fragrance market and required a brand that could deliver the qualities that marketplace expects. After 2 rounds of concept design work we started to refine an icon design that took the shape of a flower, person and packaging. The result, after further rounds of refinement is simple and timeless with a real gravitas in it's appearance.


As you would expect with a new brand we have designed and supplied everything from advertising and stationary to livery designs all whilst maintaining strict brand guardianship.


Again there were budget considerations placed on the website build. Like another recent client Steve had read our article on 'How to build a website in a day' and really liked the idea of using a template to keep costs down. The result is a fully responsive, clean and crisp website that contains a large amount of complex information in an easily digestible format.