Equals Results Advertising
Equals Results Flyers
Equals Results Nutrional Plan

We were introduced to Equals Results Personal Training through our professional relationship with James Carnegie Adventure Photography. We had rebranded James and Browne was impressed with the finished article. He already had a logo in place but didnt feel it was being implimented consistenty enough across his advertising streams.

Advertising, promotion and print

Once a design langauage had been agreed we were able to impliment and start the process of turning a logo into a brand. To date we have designed and supplied Flyers, adverts, signage, brochures, vouchers, mail outs and nutrional plans for Equals results. All these elements now contain the same brand language and a real value and character now exists within the brand in it's marketplace.

The Branding

Equals results had a logo but no brand to speak of. This meant that to date adverts and promotions were all designed differently with no common language, palette or presentation. Built in consistency is one of the most powerful usability principles. This is to say when things always behave the same, new and existing clients/customers or members don’t have to worry about what will happen. Instead, they know what will happen based on an earlier experience. With consistent branding and application you can install values, ambitions and most importantly ‘character’ into a brand.