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  • Client: Claire Best

  • "We are delighted to have found designers that listen to our ideas, add creativity of their own and understand the importance of deadlines. We always look forward to opening up their designs and can recommend them wholeheartedly.”


We were approached by Commodity after they found us online via google (our SEO optimasation exercise from the summer paying dividends!). The team at Commodity were looking from help with a project that had stalled and lost traction. We were asked initially to breathe some new life into their highly popular and renouned industry newletter.


When we broke down the design phase for the online newletter we soon realised that brand guidelines were not in place and there was no framework or point of reference for the brand. We spoke to Commodity about what their long term goals were and it became apparent that a set of guidelines for the brand were required to allow the brand awareness to grow in a consistent yet flexible manner. We undertook a shortened version (as the logo remained unchanged just redrawn) of our standard branding exercise and produced a set of brand guidelines which would enable us to design the revamped newsletter and associated marketing material.


After 4 months of working as part of the Commodity team we were asked by their COO if they could retain our design services on a monthly basis to allow consistent production of their newsletter, advertising collateral, social media and print design. We are also now in the concept artboard layout phase of a complete redesign of the companies website which should be completed in the New year.