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We were introduced to Codebook International via some direct advertising and were intrigued by the brief presented to us by Codebook. They had a well established software platform that was in need of an overhaul of its UI. Having had experience of many CAD programs over the past 10 years we saw this as a really good challenge (knowing the software environment as we did). We know most UI of this scope requires strong icon and placement memory to be able to be efficently navigated by the end user. Icons had to depict process but also maintain a family hierarchy and be easily identifiable on a heavy populated icon environment.

What the client said

We had an interesting journey with Stonefern and their art director Mark Foster redesigning the user interface for the CodeBook software. The task was to modernise the appearance and to improve the intuitive understanding of users learning and using the application. Marks enthusiasm, graphical skills and imagination enabled us to define and refine a suitable vocabulary for the iconography that has provided a greatly enhanced user experience. By the end of the project we had over 320 new interface icons and had successfully refreshed our user navigation interface. We now also use Stonefern for all our exhibition, print and presentation requirements."