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  • Client: Alex Smith

  • “These guys go to your bar and then raise it to a whole new level to ensure you only get the very best”


We have known Alex for many years and worked with him in the past when he used to be a brand manager. As a parent your first instinct is one of love, followed closely by a fierce need to protect, so we can only imagine the sheer feeling of helplessness experienced by Alex and his family when one day in 2011 their eldest son Harrison was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Duchenne is the worst diagnosis a small boy could receive, Harrison would have more of a chance of surviving a cancer diagnosis and all for one simple reason…

There is no cure for Duchenne.

The brand

Harrison's fund was set up with one goal in mind, to get as much money as possible into the hands of the best researchers in the world. Therefore the brand has to be approachable, tell the story, stand out and above all be firmly associated with Duchenne research.

In the last five years the brand has developed into several sub brands used for key events. The latest is the development of the 'Harrison's Heroes' sub brand which was undertaken in the summer of 2016.


We support Harrison's fund throughout the year (and have for the last 5 years) and have helped them grow from village hall cake sales to raising over £1,000,000 this year. This has been achieved through several key events in the calendar, most notably the annual Sky High Ball, Blue Hair day and the Prudential Ride 100. All these events require lots of sub-branded collateral which we design, supply and deliver for Harrison's fund.

Presentations and Social

Other than the big events the team at Harrison's fund are always pitching in the background to help get brand awareness into potential fund raising areas that traditional methods can't reach. Whatever the request we help ensure the brand is presented across multi platform applications in a consistent style, language and tone, and as you would expect the same goes for their social stream outputs.


We don’t really believe in big costly studios filled with designer furniture, flat screen TV's and chill out areas staffed by jacks of all trades. We prefer to stay small, cost effective and only work with specialist experts we know.



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Good design, implemented intelligently across your business, will set you apart within your market place and thats where we come in. From idea conception to design and roll out, we'll work with you, as an extension of your team, using our experience to create a result that everyone is proud of.

If you think we can help your business grow then please get in touch.
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