On-site signage is the best use of a company's advertising budget and is the only way to capture impulse sales. A well designed sign will help consumers remember the location, products and services of a business. Stonefern has a long background in signage design which began by working with Tesco Stores plc creating, managing and implementing large scale signage roll out programs across the UK. Stonefern has taken this detailed specification knowledge and now applies the same design principles to much smaller scale businesses, from high street estate agents to rural farm shops and everything in-between. Please ring the office and we will be happy to discuss any requirements you might have, even if all you need is an 'A' Frame sign or simple window graphic.

Office and Shop Signage


Strong display and signage graphics are increasingly important in a crowded marketplace. Through our detailed knowledge and experience, Stonefern can bring any piece of signage to life, and create an instantly recognisable piece of your advertising portfolio. We use trusted specialist suppliers and we oversee every project. Every design aspect is considered, and full signage specification packets are produced for each project. These specification packets are produced directly from architects plans or on site surveys. They are in full colour and scaled to be used for the approval, manufacture and installation process.

Facade and Office Signage


Probably the single most cost effective form of advertising is vehicle livery. Vehicle graphics on average are seen by approximately 3000 other road users (as long as you leave the driveway!) As a return on investment they are the most cost effective form of advertising, and as it happens our favourite kind of instruction. We work in partnership with Sign-a-Rama, a nationwide vehicle graphics company to provide everything from unique one off designs to fleet roll-outs. If you are on a limited budget or simply wish to brand a vehicle for a promotional event Stonefern can design and deliver strong, clean and simple vehicle branding.

Vehicle Signage


When potential customers walk down the high street, the first thing they see as they pass the shops on either side of the road, is the exterior signage. The large brand name and/or logo, the colours and the style. Immediately, they make a judgement on what they believe the company will be like, just from the shop front, and that decides whether they will enter or not. Therefore, the look and feel of the outside of your shop is crucial in making the initial leap from bystander to potential customer. The brand you present, the colours you employ, even down to the font you use can effect this decision in an instant. The shop premises is also often the largest point of advertising for a business, and it is crucial that you present yourself in the best way possible. We want you to be the best equipped you can be, and we can provide you with all you need to be so. From signs to banners, plaques to window graphics, we work with trusted providers to manage you brand as if it were our own.

High Street Retail Signage


Fly the flag for your brand, literally. Portable signage includes anything from sandwich boards, flags, or roll up signs. Portable signage is exactly that, portable. It can be placed anywhere, and you can extend your brand into all areas you get into; festivals, meetings, conferences or markets. Wherever you go, your signage can go too. But, if it does, it is crucial that it looks good. Often, signage companies make their money on the creation of the physical signs, not the design. Generally, that leads to inconsistent presentation of your brand.

This can leave the potential customers un-attracted, with them forgetting you and your brand. We understand that high quality, portable signage is crucial in brand expansion and exposure. We can provide you with creative and compelling design solutions for all your portable signage needs. We want to help you fly the flag for your brand, and look good doing it.

A Frame and Portable Signage


We thrive on taking on new and exciting adverting projects. Whatever it may be we can provide high quality, creative solutions for all your needs. Please, feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.


We don’t really believe in big costly studios filled with designer furniture, flat screen TV's and chill out areas staffed by jacks of all trades. We prefer to stay small, cost effective and only work with specialist experts we know.



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Good design, implemented intelligently across your business, will set you apart within your market place and that is where we come in. From idea conception to design and roll out, we'll work with you, as an extension of your team, using our experience to create a result that everyone is proud of.

If you think we can help your business grow then please get in touch.

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