Presentations are an engaging and effective way to inform potential customers and clients. A successful presentation is an art, and requires the user to engage, captivate, inform, and educate with powerful visuals and clean layouts. Stonefern has produced everything from corporate pitch presentations and architects tender bids, to interactive car launch material and short film presentations. We can take your ideas and content and hone them into a concise, clear and engaging presentation. The only thing we won't do is custom powerpoint design, because good design deserves better...

Digital Presentations


Digital interactive presentations are perfect for marketing your business and brand. Gain the maximum impact on your clients with a fully interactive digital presentation. Stonefern can design a presentation that communicates the strength of your company brand and services. Stonefern can produce interactive media for your CD-ROM brochures, sales presentations, product demos, training applications, product launch, company brochures or viral campaign.

Digital Presentations


Though we specialise in information design for product launches, we can also design and produce interactive menus, interfaces and content. Presentations are produced with Powerpoint, Director or Illustrator and can be either automated, interactive, or a mixture of both elements. By using graphic design, animation, video and sound to the best effect, we can ensure your target audience is fully engaged. These compelling and interactive designs, with the ability to embed links to websites for promotional and launching needs, will captivate you audience and can help drive sales and leads.

Digital Presentations