Lawrence approached us with his kick starter idea. He was looking to create a new brand of Chilli sauce that was a world away from the market as it stands. His brief started with a statement that stuck with us throughout the brand design - "This is going to be a premium sauce and the product goal is a Royal Warrant." We love clients with strong goals and relished the challenge of creating a timeless brand for a market saturated by chilli imagery, bright colours and clichéd characters.

Sussex Sauce Company Branding Sussex Sauce Company Livery


Lawrence had a clear vision of what he didn't want and that was a chilli logo. The challenge for us was to design a market relevant icon logo that would sit comfortably in a high end heritage market. We undertook a three stage research, presention and branding process over the course of a month and the final design was a chilli - only cut in half and stylised into an icon. Finally, we delivered a set of fresh and modern brand guidelines that will grow with the company over the coming years.

Sussex Sauce Company Social Media


As Sussex Sauce was a grant applied branding process there were budget considerations placed on the website build. The end goal is for Sussex Sauce to have a full E-Commerce site but for now to help them get some marketing presence and push their kickstarter campaign over the finish line they needed a simple 5 page marketing/info site. The result is a fully responsive, clean and crisp website that will get them started on the right foot..

Sussex Sauce Company Responsive Website


"We wanted anything but a chilli for our logo, but Stonefern cut that idea in half and gave us the perfect logo!”