Dr Park's Special Sauce Dr Park's Special Sauce


Dr Parky's started as a love story. When Dr Parky and his wife first met they discovered a mutual fondness for all things spicy. They bought a chilli plant when they moved in together and it was nurturing this little fella that led to Dr Parky to experiment with growing and combining different herbs and spices to create the perfect chilli sauce. He made so much that he starting giving it away to friends and family, it was so well received that the obvious next step was to try and make a business out of his passion.

When we met Dr Parky there was what you would call a 'cottage brand' in place where they had reacted and made do with whatever resources they had to get the business off the ground. After strong initial sales they had the ability to invest in a proper brand plan and invited us to create a new brand in keeping with Dr Parky's personality for a grand relaunch. After extensive market research and 3 rounds of design we produced a new logo and set of brand guidelines covering everything from business cards to exhibition stands, livery to packaging.

The packaging design was crucial to the reluanch and we helped design and guide them to a legally compliant, cost effective and highly impactive full range (8 lines) of new packaging.

Ian, who owns Dr Parky's was kind enough to say this about the project. "Stonefern took time to understand us, our ethos, how dappy we are and put together exactly what we'd envisioned as a logo and brand. We love working with Stonefern and can't thank the team enough for utter and sheer brilliance! Thank you!”