Rebecca found us through a simple google search and told us she liked our style of design and asked us to help realise her start up business. She had a limited start up budget to work with and we tailored our services accordingly to provide her with a low cost - high value, strategically planned branding package.

Blooming Cow Flowers Products


With Rebecca's input, our design skills and the relevant market research, Stonefern produced a design that will build quality and integrity into her brand and loyalty and motivation into her customers. Stonefern can provide you with a series of tailored start up packages to suit your individual business requirements. You may just need some business cards and a logo, or you may wish to have a full stationary package, signage, website, livery, adverts, promos, brouchures, media, print, interactive and publicity material. Stonefern can design, specify and supply it all under one roof.

Blooming Cow Flowers Branding


All the concepts are designed for Rebeca's new e-commerce site but she is taking a year to grow her stock and validate her business plan and customer base before taking the plunge and building the site. The site design and layouts were undertaken at the conclusion of her branding and we are looking to fully develop the site very soon.

Blooming Cow Flowers Website


If you are thinking of starting up a business it can feel very daunting. There is a huge amount to organise, develop, plan and pay for. We started from scratch and know exactly what is entailed in terms of investment, commitment, hard work and planning. Most importantly we know that creating, developing and maintaining a brand takes planning and a well thought out, flexible design. If you want to be taken seriously in business, it is important that your brand communicates the right messages. Customers and clients, whether they consciously do it or not, are constantly evaluating the way your business presents itself and the message you put to them as consumers..

Blooming Cow Flowers Signage


"I knew what I wanted from the get go and Stonefern helped bring it to life for me.”