As long as there are consumers

there will be Branding

Branding is an important part of any business, large or small

Great design is a reflection of your business even if it is not intentional. If you don’t care about your design then your design is telling people that you don’t care about your business.

Branding and identity is the basis of the first impressions an individual or organisation will have of your business. It is therefore vital that your brand is presented to your audience both externally and internally in a consistent, on message manner.

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Branding and design standard guidelines are designed to give you the building blocks to help you implement the your corporate identity correctly and effectively. The purpose of design standard guidelines are to assist anyone involved in designing or commissioning any items which need to be identified as a ‘product’ or ‘service’ of your business.

The visual identity of a brand is made of a number of different elements. These elements need to be used consistently, but also flexibly, across all the applications of the identity.

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Good design, implemented intelligently across your business, will set you apart within your market place.

So – where do you start before considering your brand and its design standard guidelines…

Here are some key starting points to help you make some initial decisions.

1: Define and plan your brand from day one

Don’t make it up as you go along, this leads to brand dilution and a lack of market focus.

2: Values

When building your brand, think of it more as a person than company. What are your values, beliefs and aspirations.

3: Drivers

Consider what is driving your business.

4: Relationships

Aim from day one to build long-term relationships with your customers.

5: Tone

Always speak to your customers with a consistent tone of voice.

6: Message

Never repeat yourself – always move the message forwards.

7: Inspiration

Never directly copy others companies – but certainly take inspiration from great ideas.

8: Belief

Stand for something you believe in – even if it might lead to mistakes.

9: Audience

Never communicate without considering your audience – never sell to yourself.

And finally…

Stamping your logo on everything just won’t work. Your customers are far more consumer savvy than you might think.

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Good design, implemented intelligently across your business, will set you apart within your market place and that is where we come in. From idea conception to design and roll out, we'll work with you, as an extension of your team, using our experience to create a result that everyone is proud of.

If you think we can help your business grow then please get in touch.