We went to school together, lived on the same street at Uni and worked together for 2 years in London. We are both dads, we are both husbands and Alex even helped renovate our current home…. It’s safe to say we are life long friends.


As a parent your first instinct is one of love, followed closely by a fierce need to protect, so I can only imagine the sheer feeling of helplessness experienced by Alex and his family when one day in 2011 their eldest son Harrison was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Duchenne is the worst diagnosis a small boy could receive, Harrison would have more of a chance of surviving a cancer diagnosis and all for one simple reason…

There is no cure for Duchenne.

By the time he's a teenager Harrison will lose the ability to walk. Eventually he'll lose all muscle function in his body. Like all boys with Duchenne he'll die in his late teens or early twenties from heart or respiratory failure.

Faced with this life changing diagnosis Alex had two very clear choices, take Harrison home and make his life a happy one or fight for him and every other 1 in 3500 boys born each year with Duchenne.


Alex choose to fight and boy does he not muck about. Within the year Harrison’s Fund had been set up to raise money and awareness for Duchenne research and without hesitation I put our studio at his disposal. Soon we were producing everything from fundraising cake sale flyers to National Press Ads.

But these last few months we have been helping promote the most mental (his word not mine!), inspiring and truly heroic of achievements.

Alex was once just like me. A tad unfit, a little comfortable round the middle and generally plowing on into middle age when he decided that he would take raising awareness of Duchenne to a completely new level… he was going to be an Ironman.


For those of you who don’t know what that means, it is simply this…

The hardest single day event on the planet.

A 2.5 mile open water swim followed by a 120 mile bike stage and a small 26 mile marathon to finish.

I am sure you will agree, an truly impressive achievement, except Alex decided that it wasn’t enough of a challenge and decided he was going to...

carry Harrison the whole way

That story and journey is on Discovery channel this Fathers day at 7.30pm and I urge you to watch an inspirational man achieve the impossible - all in the name of finding a cure for the cruelest of diseases.


You can find out more and how you can get involved at


(NB - this documentary is now available through various on demand services and has been screened in several countries around the world.


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