Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, all in - around two billion active users. Social media is huge, if you hadn’t noticed. Each active user is a potential customer, online business opportunities are in a new era, and it is crucial that your voice is heard in all the right places. To give you some staggering figures, Facebook has around 2200 million active users, YouTube, 1500 million, Instagram, 800 million, Twitter, 330 million and LinkedIn, 260 million. Stonefern can help you add your voice and image to the conversation and can help spread your brand awareness online. Social media is free, its updates are instantaneous, and it has a huge customer base. Maintaining websites takes time, effort and money. More and more companies are using these social sites as their main online marketing hubs and using them to highlight and push new ideas, products and brands. Stonefern can help you transpose your brand from your main website to these sites whilst maintaining your brand language and tone.

We can also design and supply all the promotional elements from giveaways to clothing to make your brand and products memorable whilst generating business leads and contacts.

Facebook, Twitter, Instgram and Pintrest


A successful social media marketing campaign is one that is entertaining, interesting, trendy or exciting enough that consumers will spread the word themselves. That’s one of the compelling things about social media; with everything being so instantaneous and everyone being so connected, it is easy for your campaign to spread like wildfire, without you doing very much. It just needs to look good enough for people to want to be associated with it, and be willing to tell their friends about it. As a marketing tool, this kind of engagement can be extremely cost-, time- and effort-efficient. The singular point to these campaigns is to raise brand awareness amongst consumers, without them realising they are actually doing the work for you. If they think they’re just spreading a cool idea, a good-looking brand or an innovative product to their friends, it can quickly grow and spread, and you will have had hundreds of people promoting your brand, without you paying them. It’s a significant opportunity. Stonefern enjoys creating funny, strong and interesting promotional campaigns and one off designs for email and/or social network distribution, that suit your brand, campaign and image.

Targeted Promotional Posts and Content


“Companies should take advantage of the tools social media gives them when it comes to connecting with their audience. A strategic and open social media plan could prove influential in morphing consumers into being brand loyal.” According to a Texas Tech University report.

The easy and instantaneous ability to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ a brand or company, makes it incredibly easy for social media users to stay loyal, as they get updates and news directly and instantaneously. It also spreads the word to their followers and then their followers’ followers. A simple click of a button gets the customer connected and associated with the brand. Much like the innovative and engaging social media presence of Wendy’s Restaurants in America, where they actively engage in comedic conversation with their followers, this can increase customer loyalty and makes the customer feel more connected, and attached to the company. Social media makes it easy for customers to stay loyal. We have many years’ experience in social media campaigns and branding, and we can help you create an engaging and exciting social media presence, that breeds retained customer loyalty.

Social Media Campaigns